Elan - Ripstick

Elan wanted a new promotion video for their new skies series: "Ripstick". Designed and built to handle the most challenging terrain in any snow condition the mountain can dish out, the Ripstick series is the ultimate Freeskiing tool for demanding skiers. Constructed with a progressive shape and NEW Carbon Line technology to maximize weight savings and stability, the Ripstick delivers uncompromised versatility and smooth performance. With the addition of the Amphibio profile, Carbon Rods, and SST sidewall construction for power and precision, the Ripstick floats like a butterfly and springs like a ski.


As you can see, the storyboard is built from existing images that we found on the web. We used the storyboard as a basis to tell the customer the story and then shot these images ourselves. I did the motion graphics and part of the editing.

Social Campaign

We used a different short asset to reach the customer  and to increase consumer awareness, interest through social media channels.