Easy and fast parking? So arranged with the No. 1 parking app. Parkmobile came up with the request to develop easy-to-understand tutorials with a recognizable style. A total of 80 videos have been made in 5 different languages.


For 2D explainers I always make a storyboard which is 1 on 1 the image that will be used in the animation. This ultimately saves me time when animating and so the customer will not be faced with surprises.

Some other videos

A total of 80 videos were made in 5 different languages. The parking app is available for several countries. Parkmobile is for the Netherlands. For England "RingGo" and for Germany "PARKNOW".

Social Campaign

Each video is also made in 4x5 format. Research showed that the target group could best be reached via Linkedin and this format is best suited for that.